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H3 Pre-school shares its values and philosophy with the Anand Niketan group of schools, an eminent name in the field of Education in Gujarat, which has given a wider vision to the world of education and focused on the holistic development of a child through its unique approach since 1996.

At H3 Pre-school, we believe children are born with immense curiosity and imagination. We believe children are self-learners - all the time exploring, questioning, developing, imagining and contributing to learning.


Early infancy is the most crucial stage of the human life cycle where the infant has maximum curiosity which needs to be catered to through holistic development. Therefore, Pre-Schooling is 'A small step towards a giant leap in a child’s life'.

Hence, H3 is building a strong foundation for the self-learners, nurturing them by providing an environment to learn, observe, and question, thus, developing curiosity and fascination. H3 follows a practical learning strategy through creativity that is based on regular training and upgrading the teaching approach by keeping up with the changing pace of time.

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Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision

We dream to develop a community that respects a child as a self-learner. We envision our students reaching their full potential as future citizens of the country. That is why our curriculum encompasses activities and exercises that stimulate their intellectual and creative sides and give them the confidence to express themselves easily.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a learning environment for children with the active involvement of parents and teachers, who together, contribute towards building a strong foundation for children. We want to promote learning through observation and self-exploration and promote cooperation and not competition. We strive to provide a healthy and safe learning atmosphere