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Pre-school that looks beyond books for wholesome learning

H3 Pre-school is a school which believes that when a child is at a tender age, it is like a sponge, ready to absorb learning by doing rather than just rote learning. A pre-school that works on this principle is sure to make an effective impact on a child’s educational journey.

H3 strives to build a strong foundation in these incredible self-learners to learn, identify, and explore their own capabilities. It provides every child an ideal environment to create, make mistakes, learn, and understand something more than just numbers and alphabets. This is because H3 envisions a community that understands and appreciates a child as a self-learner.

The H3 approach is about a fine coordination between hands, heart, and head of a child instead of just focusing on 3R’s which is read, remember, recollect. With a proper sync of these three Hs children can create wonders with their imagination and achieve holistic development.

What makes the school unique is that it has not charged any fees for providing education to children since the online academic year – popularly known as the “Corona Term” (2020-2021) started. The curriculum got adapted in online format and focussed on teaching children life skills to children. Two-year olds were assigned to dust their house, pick laundry, sort laundry, help moms set table, serve elders a glass of water, etc. These activities enabled them to develop cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor, balancing, and creative skills. Children have even grown their own tomato and coriander plants as a part of “farming class”during online sessions.

H3 has been a pioneer in online summer camp which inspired other preschools to do the same. It currently is conducting Saturday ExpertSessions for children where experts impart knowledge beyond books to children. Needless to say, for holistic education H3 Preschool is the best option!