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H3 Core Team


Mr Aniket Mangal
Director - H3 Pre-school

Mr Aniket Mangal is a young education enthusiast who inherited his passion for education in his genes. A graduate in engineering and marketing and a postgraduate in finance, he is keenly interested in early childhood education. As the Director of H3 Preschool, he desires to contribute to society.


Mr Arpit Mangal
Director - H3 Pre-school

With a passion for interior design, Mr Arpit Mangal believes that children not only learn from books but also from the built environment around them. With a vision to create an interactive learning space for children to learn and grow, he is associated with H3 Preschool as the brand's director.


Mr RinkuKumar Vyas
COO - H3 Pre-school

With an educational background MBA in Marketing and more than 11 years of experience in Preschool Franchise Development & Operations, Mr Rinku Kumar Vyas has an experience of 15 years in the field of Sales and Marketing. He has developed over 370 franchisees while working with renowned Preschool brands.