H3 – Safe Learning Environment at Home

Complete childhood education in India requires a loving and nurturing environment that helps stimulate growth – not just in school but at home as well. A good preschool aids the child’s progress, but in a home environment that is conducive for learning and growth, the child is able to harness its fullest potential.

You might ask, how can you ensure that your home is a safe and holistic learning environment for your child? Here are some tips that you can incorporate –

  • Clear Up the Clutter
    A cluttered space becomes overwhelming for a child. Create a dedicated play area with learning and play material stored in shelves systematically, and teach your child to replace items after use. This creates in them a sense of calm and clearing up when they are done.
  • Fresh Material
    Get age appropriate books and toys for your child, with blocks, puzzles, and drawing books to encourage creative exploration. Rotate this material regularly, you can do so by renting out such material from libraries etc, to keep fresh and exciting new things for the child to explore.
  • Learning to Life
    Make everyday activities a learning experience. You can sing songs to them while bathing them, ask them to identify shapes you observe on a daily basis, teach them to count things like cars on the road. Such simple interactions create engaging learning experiences for your child.
  • Positive Reinforcement
    Celebrate even the smallest achievements of your child. Using encouraging words and applauding them for their small victories helps create a positive learning atmosphere where they feel comfortable trying new things and experimenting with new ideas.
  • Consistent Routine
    All activities work best only when they become part of a routine. A routine gives a child a calm approach, and enables them with the knowledge of knowing what will happen next. Consistency leads to security as the child anticipates the next learning activity.

With such small efforts from your side, you can ensure that holistic learning for your child doesn’t end at H3 Preschool, but is taken to your homes as well. Become an active part of your child’s first years and let their curiosity guide them to success! With H3 Preschools, the best preschool in Gujarat you can give your child the best educational experience. Contact us today!

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