Commemorating New Beginnings with Tradition

Education has been considered auspicious by our Indian Culture since the time of our Vedas. Those that possessed knowledge were considered to be of a higher status, and were worshipped for it. It is in our culture to celebrate every new beginning by praying to the Almighty and asking for his support as you embark on a new journey.

H3 Preschools celebrate our culture and traditions with an auspicious event for our young minds that begin this journey filled with knowledge, passion and prosperity. We present to you the Aksharabhyasam Ceremony.

Also known as Vidyaarambham, this ceremony is an ancient ritual to mark the initiation of your child’s learning journey. In this preschool age, young children are still learning new things with every passing moment and every passing experience. With Aksharabhyasam, we build a connection with our roots and culture for our children, and help them gain the experience of diving into traditions that are rich and vibrant.

The ceremony consists of seeking Maa Saraswati’s guidance, and worshipping the tools that will help us throughout this journey. Mothers and their children participate together, guided by the teachers, making this the first activity that a child will perform once they are a part of H3 Preschools, marking the start to something beautiful.

H3 Preschools believe in holistic learning, creating a fusion of our ancient traditions and modern day education. With our innovative approach towards education, we understand that learning comprises of a lot more than just alphabets and numbers, making us the best preschool in Gujarat. Our Anand Niketan Schools inspired curriculum is proven to be the best, and our unique Head Hearts and Hand approach helps us deliver superior preschool education in India. Our daycare centres, nursery schools and preschools are equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities.

For an engaging curriculum, a plethora of activities for your child’s all round development – mental, physical and emotional, as well as loving teachers that make your child feel comfortable throughout, H3 Preschools are the right choice for early education in India.

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