Parents, Children Vs. Gadgets!! (Do read it till the end)

It has now become a social trend to always let your child be glued to a screen, be it when they are outside, at mealtimes, or even at home. Sure they’re watching content that might be informative, but there is so much more that can be done instead where they learn more and are engaged more.

While gadgets offer entertainment and connection, excessive screen time can hinder a child’s development. It can limit their opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, and creative exploration, potentially leading to issues with focus, sleep, and even vision. They are also known to cause lower attention span and concentration due to fast consumption of media.

Here at H3 Pre-school, we understand this challenge and implement ideas to balance it out, which is why we are called the best pre-school in Gujarat! Gadgets can be a fun part of life, but it’s important to find a healthy balance. The good news is, pre-schoolers naturally love to explore and play. Let’s help them rediscover the magic of unplugged fun!

Playtime is not just about fun, it is also important for a child’s development. Through playtime, children hone many skills. They learn how to be social – by sharing, taking turns with others and understanding the space that they are in with other children as well. By building blocks and jigsaws, they learn critical thinking. Singing songs, making up stories and talking to their friends helps them become more confident and develop strong language skills. Running, jumping, climbing is good for their aerobic capacity and motor skills. Becoming actively creative during playtime is much better than passive engagement offered by a screen. Our Anand Niketan Pre-schools curriculum offers a holistic environment that nurtures a love for outdoor play.

If you feel like your child is now addicted to the screen, or prefers screen time over playtime, here are some ideas that can help detach your child from the screen, and become more engaged with the real world.

Firstly, setting a fixed time limit for gadgets is a must, so the child understands that this activity is not something that should last for many hours.

Secondly, instead of the time they spend on the gadgets, family involved activities are a good idea. This way the child spends engaging time with the family, and learns new skills as well.

Exploring new puzzles, jigsaws and games is one more way to keep your child engaged with enriching experiences.

Finally, by setting playdates with other children of the same age, your child learns the importance of being social, and spends time with other young minds, forming connection and compassion towards others.

One most important thing to remember is that children learn by example. If you as a parent are constantly glued to your screen, the child will learn the same. Inculcate the same habits in your screen time for your child to understand better.

At H3 Pre-schools we understand that providing a nurturing environment filled with opportunities for exploration, creativity, and social interaction is crucial to development, which is what makes us India’s favourite pre-school. Our experienced teachers help your child develop essential skills through play-based learning activities. Admissions for the next batch are open.

Let us work together to raise happy and healthy pre-schoolers, who love to play and learn. Join the H3 pre-school family, by contacting us today. Call us on 98598 54477

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