Fuel Up! Tasty tiffin ideas for your toddler

At H3 pre-schools, the best pre-school in Gujarat, we know that keeping up with toddlers can be a full time job! Between playtime, story time and outdoor play, their energy needs constant replenishing. But with busy schedules, packing healthy and fun snacks for your child can seem like a task. That’s why here are some delicious and nutritious snacks you can pack for your toddler, to keep their engine running throughout the day!

Fruits are Fun!
Summer sun can be a drain, and the best way to battle the heat is with delicious fresh fruits like chopped mangoes, apples, and watermelons. Give them a rainbow in their lunchbox!

Small Treats for Small kids:
The best way to make rotis and parathas fun for children are to make them tiny bite sized! Rolling them into interesting shapes can also make eating fun. With a little sabzi or dahi, they can eat a healthy meal.

Salad Surprise:
Sprouts are a powerhouse of proteins and vitamins. Adding chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and a dash of lemon and salt can make a refreshing and delicious salad.

Power Packers:
Store-bought energy bars come with a lot more cons than pros. Make energy bars at home with oats, dates and nuts combined with a little honey for a perfect tiny power packer that can keep them going for such long hours!

At H3 pre-schools, we understand the importance of a balanced diet. Our curriculum incorporates activities to teach children about healthy eating habits. From planting their own veggies to learning about why they should eat a balanced diet, we cultivate a love for nutritious food that extends beyond the classroom.

We encourage parents of our children to always pack nutritious food for them as well, so ideas of health and nutrition are not just confined to their time at school, but at home as well.

If you wish to give your child a holistic pre-school experience at the best pre-school in Gujarat, H3 pre-school is the right choice for your child. Admissions are open for the next batch, and you can contact us today.

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